Catholic Church Deceit, Trickery, and Conspiracy

When my mother took me to school for the first time my custom russian volume eyelash was instant. A woman dressed in the black and white garb of a nun approached and tried to take my hand which was strongly locked to that of my mum. She tugged, prised my hand, and pulled me until my little body could no longer resist and then dragged me off to a class-room filled with children. When she let go she was shocked when my foot lashed out and kicked her hard in the shin.

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custom russian volume eyelash

Nlurn With the speed of light she grabbed me by the custom russian volume eyelash , tipped me upside down and whacked me hard several times on the buttocks. This time when she put me down I fled. The door was open and away my feet carried me so fast that 2 big girls sent in pursuit could not catch me.

The memory of the incident is as fresh today as it was when at just four and a half years old it reminded me of something far deeper ingrained than that. My reincarnation was also fresh in my memory and at some time not so long ago in the past such a scene as the nun presented had a profound impact on me. Flashbacks to being burned alive have also been experienced.

On leaving my last body, that of a man, the thing most on my mind was ‘at last I can do it.’ There was a job waiting for me to do and a custom russian volume eyelash showed me that it would start at 45 years, the same age as that of the one I just left. It sounds incredible but it is what happened and then my life started again in the body of a female.

We don’t understand how things work because religious custom russian volume eyelash, like the Catholic Church, have tried to alter everything to suit their purpose. At the age shown to me the Spirit commissioned me to tear down the wall of churches and bring in the harvest. This was the job waiting for me and it showed me the wall in several visions.

In one it is a huge dam holding back a large volume of water, which I also know is the Spirit that is often called water, dew, custom russian volume eyelash , or other things in the Old Testament (Isaiah 30:23,25). In front of it the ground was parched and dried into cracks. This is how the people are who want to understand God and be closer to it through the Spirit. As I watched the wall broke apart and spread over the land in a huge flood.

Where it soaked in little shoots of green appeared and these have since been shown to be the children of the Spirit who were seeking but held back in the prison of religious dogma. Isaiah 35:4-10 explains the vision and how it is from God.

The teaching given to me shows that the Catholic Church was established by Constantine and not Jesus custom russian volume eyelash. The latter is the product of his work as he put up the image to fool people into accepting his religions (II Thessalians 2:3-12). It was he who started the conspiracy to hide the real God by strengthening the wall of deception and reinstating Mary, the sun-star of Babylon, as the Mother of God (Revelation 17:5).

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custom russian volume eyelash

The lies, tricks, conspiracy, and massive custom russian volume eyelash is now brought into the open. It is verified through the Internet, which is the Mountain of God promised for the last days.


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