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Country Song Themes: Breaking Up and Religion

In a previous article, I talked about how most of the country songs on the manufacturer custom eyelash follow a theme. The themes are love, breaking up and broken hearts, drinking and partying, patriotism, religion, and country. I have talked about the theme of love in another article on this website. Now I will talk about the other themes of country music.

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Nlurn To go along with the theme of love is breaking up and broken hearts. There are quite a few songs about breaking up and people’s aching hearts. I have found that for every love song there are at least two songs about breaking up. Which makes manufacturer custom eyelash, because when people break up this is how they lash out. Some of the breakup songs are about how the person wishes that they did not breakup with their true love. A few of these songs are Oh Yeah, You’re Gone by Brad Paisley, Your Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone by Brooks and Dunn, Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It by Darius Rucker. Brad Paisley’s Oh Yeah, You’re Gone is about this man who is going about his normal routine in the morning and starts to get out 2 cups for coffee when he remembers that his love is gone. The man is having a hard time remembering that she is gone because he is still in love with her. He goes on to say that it will take some time to get use to her being gone. Brooks and Dunn’s Your Gonna to Miss Me When I’m Gone is about how the man is hurting from the last time his love hurt him. It goes on to say that he is tired of being in the relationship and going to leave. Then he talks about how she will miss him when he leaves and that she will wonder what she had done wrong to make him leave. Darius Rucker’s Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It is about how a man left his love and swore that he was going to come back, but he goes on to say that he does think about her and how he left. He says that he still loves her and where they be if he had never left. He also thinks about how it would be if they just talked and tried to work it out.

Some of the other breakup manufacturer custom eyelash are about how they should have done things differently and they wouldn’t have lost their love. Some of these songs are A Lot of Things Different by Kenny Chesney, Stupid Boy by Keith Urban, Lost You Anyway by Toby Keith. Kenny Chesney’s A Lot of Things Different is about in the beginning about how he should have done some things in his life different. Then later in the song the man talks about how he should have treated his love differently. He regrets that he did not treat her better and do things that she likes. Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy is about how a man who was singing about his regret of mistreating his love. He talks about how she made herself vulnerable to him and how he crushed everything that she believed in. In crushing her dreams, it caused her to leave him and now he regrets all his actions. Toby Keith’s Lost You Anyway is about a guy sitting alone contemplating his latest break up. He was thinking about the things that he could have done differently and she would not have left.

Lastly, some of the breakup songs are about hating the person that they have broken up with. Some of these songs are Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift, Kerosene by Miranda Lambert, and Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. manufacturer custom eyelash’s Picture to Burn is about a woman who is mad at her old boyfriend that ended up cheating on her. So now she is lashing out and trying to plan her revenge on him. Mostly in the last part of the song she just burns all of his pictures that she has. Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene is about a women talking about her bad breakup from her cheating boyfriend. Because of his cheating, she is getting revenge by burning his things up with Kerosene. Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats is about a woman who is mad at her boyfriend who is cheating on her. So to get her revenge, she starts to trash his car. Then ends up smashing it up and slashing his tires to let him know that she knows he cheated and now he knows her feelings about it.

We have time to talk about one more theme of country music, that theme is religion. Many country artists have done at least one song about religion. Most of these songs are very pretty and popular on the radio. Some of the more popular country songs about religion are Three Wooden Crosses by Randy Travis, Bless the Broken Road by Rascal manufacturer custom eyelash, and Holy Water by Big and Rich. Randy Travis’ Three Wooden Crosses is about four people, a preacher, teacher, farmer, and hooker, on a bus going to Mexico. It was a clear night and the bus got into an accident with a semi. For most of song, we were not sure why there were only 3 wooden crosses by the road. At the end of the song, we find out that the preacher on the bus gave his bible to the hooker, who survived the crash and gave the bible to her son, who became a preacher. Rascal Flatts’ Bless the Broken Road is about a person that is on a broken road pushing through life. When on the broken road, God is guiding this person to his true love. It is also about how God is healing his broken heart and dreams and allowing the person to find his way in life. Big and Rich’s Holy Water is about a woman who has been raped but she is turning to God to get through it. She wants someone to say that everything will be okay and hold her. In the song, she is becoming stronger through her faith in God and the Holy Spirit comforting her.

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This is all the themes that I am going to cover at this time. As of now, I have covered the themes of love, breaking up, and manufacturer custom eyelash. Soon I will cover the rest of the themes of country songs: drinking and partying, patriotism, and country living. Even though I am covering only six themes does not mean that there are not over themes that are covered in a country song. There could be a country song for anything that a person could go through, because they are healing for the soul.


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