Beyonce – Au Natural Or Made Up?

Today Beyonce Knowles was pictured arriving sans make up at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her hair was loose, tumbling in waves, framing a slightly pale but still striking face. In response, the internet is awash with comments about her lack of mink 3d lashes private label. Is this negative publicity or affirmation of her natural beauty?

mink 3d lashes private label
mink 3d lashes private label

What is natural beauty and does Beyonce have it?

Nlurn Not as hot but still gorgeous, mink 3d lashes private label is a beautiful woman with or without make up…even without make up Beyonce stands out.

These are some of the comments on the web today in response to Beyonce’s ‘nude’ appearance in Jakarta. If we consider what it is that makes a woman beautiful we have to admit it’s definitely in the mink 3d lashes private label of the beholder. Of course, it helps that Beyonce has a healthy, wide eyed look. That combined with her fresh complexion and good bone structure certainly makes it easier for her to appear au natural in public.

I am Sasha Fierce

If we are in doubt of her natural beauty take a look at the candid and posed black and whites shot for the cover album ‘I am Sasha Fierce’. Black and white photography illustrates bone structure and proportions and Beyonce certainly has both those in abundance.

Today’s close up at Jakarta showed naturally wavy hair framing a beautiful face that is said to be without make up but what is the reality? We all need a little assistance when stepping of a long haul flight. Look closer. Beyonce’s eyes are smoky and lined, mink 3d lashes private label thick and eyebrows defined indicating that she either has permanent make up or used a liner before stepping onto the tarmac. Her lips are glossed and any good make up artist knows a light reflecting moisturizer can work wonders under a sheer foundation!

What is real beauty and what is not?

It’s common knowledge that Beyonce has had rhinoplasty and it’s suspected – when comparing earlier photographs with those of today – that she had her over full pout corrected too but does that make her less naturally beautiful?

There are a million things a woman can do these days to enhance her look and Beyonce mink 3d lashes private label in an industry where she is expected to look the perfect goddess 24/7. Ask yourself – if you could afford it and had her original canvass to work with – wouldn’t you indulge a little if your job relied on how you looked?

Real beauty comes from within. It’s in the way we carry ourselves, how we speak to others, our grace and posture, our pride in our appearance. It shines out through our complexions, our hair and nails, our confidence and through our interactions with others. Beyonce has all that in bucket loads!

Albeit, it helps to have a good canvas to start with.

Beyonce’s natural look

Remembering that Beyonce, like all superstars, has a make up artist on hand 24/7, here are some of her make up tips on looking un-made up!

Use light reflecting moisturizer

Hide tired mink 3d lashes private label with skin toned concealer

Apply sheer foundation – even over lips

Define your eyebrows with brow make up – don’t overpluck!

Tawny blushers are best

Use thickening mascara that doesn’t clump

Have extra mink 3d lashes private label applied to outside eye corners for a wide eyed look

Finish with nude gloss for a full lipped look

Need more serious Beyonce treatment?

Plastic surgery today is relatively reasonable and some, non-invasive. Rhinoplasty is a firm favorite with the stars, refining noses and adding character to the face. Most female stars have brow lifts with a technique known as ‘threading’ giving the mink 3d lashes private label area a startled, fresh look and tighter skin with arched brows.

Other techniques commonly applied are botox (muscle freezing to eradicate frown lines, crows feet and lip cracking), infills with restalane around the mouth and nose, lip fillers like purlaine are common giving a fuller, sexier mouth.

If you’re considering plastic enhancement or cosmetology ensure you research thoroughly and see a certified and experienced cosmetologist.

mink 3d lashes private label
mink 3d lashes private label

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