The Bare Necessities For a Flawless Look

Shopping for makeup can be so much fun and also very expensive. You really don’t need a huge collection of mink cluster lashes to get that perfect look. There are certain products that you can purchase that will actually help you achieve that flawless appearance. When I started out with makeup before my collection grew huge I had the bare necessities. I strongly recommend the following items to get you started on your path to starting out your makeup collection.

mink cluster lashes
mink cluster lashes

Nlurn Face Cleansers:

* A good facial cleanser for removing foundation and any other mink cluster lashes residue. You can pick these up at your local drug stores or stores such as Targets, Walmarts, K-Marts for a inexpensive price if money is tight.

* Facial moisturizer is another great product to apply to your face before you apply your makeup. Try to avoid the oily, greasy consistency products if you have oily skin.

* Foundation primer, I like to use this after my moisturizer simply because it helps with applying my foundation as well as somewhat holding it threw out the day.


* Foundation, some women like to use liquid, cream to powder or powder. I suggest that you get what suits your lifestyle as well as your skin. Foundations range in price from low to high end, so it really depends on where you purchase it and what you like. But always make sure your choice is a perfect match.

* Concealer, not all of us are so lucky as to have perfect skin, using concealer is a great way of covering up any blemishes or under eye dark circles that you may have. I sometimes go a little lighter with my concealer for under my eyes. And concealers as well can range in price depending on what you prefer. They come in liquid, cream and also powder. I found that e.l.f concealer is a great product especially for the price.

* Blush is another good product it helps to give your cheek bones definition and contours our facial structure also. When choosing a blush always try to get a more natural tone, going to dark can really make you appear as if you are actually wearing mink cluster lashes and we all know that a persons cheeks are not that dark in color.

* Bronzer, some women love to use bronzer I really don’t use it much however it will give you that summery glow if you apply it in the right spots on your face.

* Setting powder or Setting Spray is always helpful when it comes to keeping your makeup on the entire day. I hear Model In a Bottle is a great setting spray with a matte finish and keeps your mink cluster lashes in place all day long.


* Eyeshadow Primer or Eyeshadow Base, these are used before you apply your shadow. Primer or Base helps with bringing out the color in your shadow as well as it helps with keeping your eyeshadow on all day and not crease in those eyelids. I started out with Urban Decay Primer Potion which can run you $18 and up from Sephora. I don’t use this product anymore because the consistency was just oily and I never had a good application using it. Now you can actually find primers and bases right at Targets or Walmarts by brands such as Cover Girl, L’oreal and Revlon. I would recommend trying these brands out first or you can simply use a good cream concealer as a base for your shadows. It always works for me

* Eyeshadow, now you don’t have to spend a fortune on eyeshadow. Just buying the basic colors is always helpful when deciding what colors to use. There are so many eyeshadows on the market, if you are trying to get more for your buck then I wouls suggest investing in an eyeshadow palette that has several different colors. I actually purchase my palettes from a site called Coastal Scents, they have so many palettes to choose from at prices that you cannot imagine. The amount of shadows you get in a palette can be overwhelming at times but they are well worth the purchase.

* Eyeliner, whether you are new to mink cluster lashes or old you have to have eyeliner in your stash! My favorite is Loreal Hip Cream eyeliner. I use this on a daily basis and the colors are so rich and it last the entire day. However eyeliner comes in a range of styles, from liquid which I am not that great at applying, pencil, gel, powder or cream there are so many to choose from.

* Mascara, is also a must have for those who like to intensify they’re lashes a bit whether it be for volume or length there is a mascara that is right for you.

* Lashes, now not every women will say they need lashes but for those who do I will tell you they are a task to learn to apply. I actually gave up on applying them for awhile, but slowly but surely got the hang of applying them. For starters I would say start off with the cheaper lashes just for fun and practice until you get the hang of things.

* Eye Makeup Remover is a must have when you need to remove the eyeshadow, and mascara. I was using Neutrogena eye mink cluster lashes remover and then I started using the Walmart brand which is the same formula just cheaper. Some women like using Olive oil it helps with removing all eye makeup as well as all makeup in general. But the key is not spending too much money on this one product. I do suggest purchasing cotton squares instead of cotton balls to remove your eye makeup. I like the squares better, there is no cotton residue on your lids with the squares.


* Lipsticks are really not my thing, I really prefer a gloss but from time to time I will rock some lipstick depending on the color. Now I won’t say I don’t have a bunch of lipsticks in my collection because I do, but I enjoy the more subtle colors like Nudes, tans pinks nothing to bright on my lips.

* Gloss is my favorite, I love to use NARS Turskish Delight lip gloss which will run you $24 at Sephora. Gloss is also a great way to make that favorite lipstick pop with color and shine, and you can actually buy gloss just about anywhere from your local dollar store to your high end mink cluster lashes counter.

* Lip Liner, I own a bunch of them but I never use them, lip liner does give your lips a more defined look but it is not a must have to me.

Makeup Brushes:

* There are so many cosmetics brushes that vary from facial, to eyes. I don’t think spending a bundle on any brush is an ideal purchase. My first brushes were actually from e.l.f and they were only a dollar a brush, what a bargain! These brushes work just great for those who are just getting into makeup or are a pro at they’re mink cluster lashes . Another good spot to check out for brushes is also Coastal Scents, I love love love they’re inexpensive brushes and use them just about daily along with my Sonia Kashuk brushes which you can pick up from Targets.

* Wedges is another way to apply your foundation if you are not keen on using a foundation brush, just beware that the wedges can sometimes leave streaks so always check your face before stepping out the house by a good well lite window for natural light.

mink cluster lashes
mink cluster lashes

So all these products to me are the mink cluster lashes, some of them you can do with out if you are not into such things as lashes or lipstick or what have you. But I will tell you this you don’t need to spend a fortune on these products for that flawless look.

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