Making You Gorgeous! Apply Makeup with New Tricks

Hey, Ladies, want to look better than the tried-and-true techniques ever did? Well I am about to shake things up a bit with these surprising real eyelash extensions

real eyelash extensions
real eyelash extensions

1.Nlurn  Go Darker With Concealer: Use a concealer 1 or 1 1/2 shades darker than your skin tone, especially under eyes. The lighter shades highlight circles and draw attention to puffiness.

2. Line Your Whole Eye: One continuous line along the lash is really what makes them look bigger. So forget about lining them only halfway to open them up.

3. Double Up On Mascara: Even if you have been using the same brand as far as you can remember, it’s been updated for lower real eyelash extensions. Old formulas flaked and smudged, casting a shadow under your eyes if you applied it to lower real eyelash extensions.

4. Apply Lip Balm: Use lip balm before applying lip color to get rid of dryness and flakiness, which can also be magnified by any lip color. Lip balm also helps the color last longer.

5. Leave Brows Full: Thin brows add years to your face. You can fill them in by using brow wax. It adds thickness by “plumping” individual hairs.

6. Use More Blush: Sweep color from the apples of your cheeks all the way up to the real eyelash extensions, it’ll give your face a healthy glow. It will also give your face a youthful look. Applying color only to the apples of your cheeks looks unnatural.

7. Skip Lip Liner: Lip colors and lip glosses look better when worn alone. Lip Liners “close” lips in, and can actually make lips look smaller.

8. Use Your Fingers: By using your fingers you warm up the product, making it spread more evenly and in just the right amount. A sponge applies foundation unevenly, and excess can end up settling into lines and making them more noticeable. Ladies try these out tricks out and drop me a line to tell me how they worked out for you!

Until next time real eyelash extensions…

Sabrina Almond A.K.A. LadyDro

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real eyelash extensions
real eyelash extensions

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